Creating a Twitter Application

  • You probably already have a twitter account. If you don’t, create one on
  • Next, browse to, login with your Twitter ID, and read through some of the introductory API material on Twitter Apps. A “Twitter App” can take many forms. Any piece of software that interacts with twitter on behalf of a user is an app.A mobile phone app you can write as an alternative to the one Twitter provides is a “Twitter App”.  The Flume agent we’ll create is an “App” too.
  • Next browse to, and click the Create New App button.


  • Next fill in the basic app info form. The application “Name” must be globally unique across all Twitter apps for all users, so pick something unique.  After filling the info, agree to the terms of use and press the “Create App” at the bottom of the form.

w640 (1)

You’ll be redirected to the management page for your new app. Switch to the API Keys tab, and click the create my access token button.

OK, you’re done!  There are four pieces of information you need to copy from the form before we go to the Hadoop cluster to setup the Flume agent:

  1. API key
  2. API secret
  3. Access token
  4. Access token secret

These four keys will be added to a configuration file in Flume, enabling it to use your Twitter account to stream tweets. Copy the four into a text file for later reference.

w640 (2)

w640 (4)


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