Installing Hortonworks Sandbox 2.0 – VirtualBox on Windows


To use the Hortonworks Sandbox on Windows you must have the followingresources available to you:

  • Hosts:
    A 64-bit machine with a chip that supports virtualization.
    A BIOS that has been set to enable virtualization support.
  • Host Operating Systems:
    Windows 7, 8
  • Supported Browsers:
    Internet Explorer 9
    Note, The Sandbox will not work with Internet Explorer 10
    Firefox – latest stable release
    Google Chrome – latest stable release
  • At least 4 GB of RAM
    8 GB of RAM for Ambari or Hbase
  • Virtual Machine Environments:
    Oracle VirtualBox, version 4.2 or later

Virtual Machine Overview
The Hortonworks Sandbox is delivered as a virtual appliance that is a bundled set of operating system, configuration settings, and applications that worktogether as a unit.

Installing on Windows using Oracle VirtualBox
1. Open the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager

2. The Oracle VM Virtualization Manager window opens.

3. Change the Auto-Capture preference. File->Preferences and select Input in the left navigation bar. Uncheck Auto-Capture Keyboard.

4. Import the Sandbox appliance file: File->Import Appliance, the Import Virtual Appliance screen opens.

5. Click the Open appliance button; the file browser opens. Make sure you select the correct appliance. In this case, the top file is the VirtualBox formatted file. Click the Open button.

6. The Appliance settings screen appears. The default settings work. If you have more than 4 GB of physical RAM installed, you may wish to allocate more RAM to the VM – 4GB of RAM in the Virtual Appliance will improve the performance. Click Import.

7. The appliance is imported.

8. Turn on the Sandbox. Select the appliance and click the green Start arrow. A console window opens and displays an information screen. Click OK to clear the info screen.

9. Wait while the VM boots up. When the process is complete, the console displays the login instructions for the Sandbox.

10. Use a browser on your host machine to open the URL displayed on the console.


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