How to install Spring XD on Ubuntu/Windows/OSX


To get started, make sure your system has as a minimum Java JDK 6 or newer installed. Java JDK 7 is recommended.

Download Spring XD:
To download the current release, you can download the distribution and its accompanying documentation.

If you want to try out the latest build of Spring-XD, You can download the snapshot distribution from the spring snapshots repository. You can also build the project from source if you wish. The wiki content should also be kept up to date with the current snapshot so if you are reading this on the github website, things may have changed since the last stable release.

Unzip the distribution which will unpack to a single installation directory. All the commands below are executed from this directory, so change into it before proceeding.

$ cd spring-xd-1.0.1.RELEASE

Install Spring XD:
Spring-XD can be run in two different modes. There’s a single-node runtime option for testing and development, and there’s a distributed runtime which supports distribution of processing tasks across multiple nodes. This post will get you up and running quickly with a single-node runtime.

You can also install Spring-XD using homebrew on OSX and yum on RedHat/CentOS.

Start the Runtime and the-XD Shell:
The single node option is the easiest to get started with. It runs everything you need in a single process. To start it, you just need to cd to the xd directory and run the following command

xd/bin>$ ./xd-singlenode

In a separate terminal, cd into the shell directory and start the-XD shell, which you can use to issue commands.

Screenshot from 2014-11-11 18:55:44


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