Map Reduce Programs


This is an example of Aggregated Hadoop Map/Reduce application. It reads the text input files, breaks each line into words and counts them. The output is a locally sorted list of words and the count of how often they occurred.

To run:

bin/hadoop jar hadoop-examples-*.jar aggregatewordcount <in-dir> <out-dir> numOfReducers textinputformat


1,The Nightmare Before Christmas,1993,3.9,4568
2,The Mummy,1932,3.5,4388
3,Orphans of the Storm,1921,3.2,9062
4,The Object of Beauty,1991,2.8,6150
5,Night Tide,1963,2.8,5126
6,One Magic Christmas,1985,3.8,5333
7,Muriel’s Wedding,1994,3.5,6323
8,Mother’s Boys,1994,3.4,5733
9,Nosferatu: Original Version,1929,3.5,5651
10,Nick of Time,1995,3.4,5333


record_count 10


awc awcR


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